"I smell burger! Who has burger?"

~Amy Lee
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, fair skin, darkest brown very long (mid-back) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I adore Evanescence, and Amy Lee is my idol. I like rock, goth rock, metal, some punk, etc.

I love doing my hair and makeup, but I'm generally to lazy or busy to worry about how I look.

Some people classify my look as goth-y but I don't slap a label on myself. I sometimes draw inspiration for makeup, hair, and clothes from singers from bands (Amy Lee, Sharon den Adel, Tarja Turunen, Simone Simons, Ailyn, etc.) I have a thing for tutus and double ponytails, even though I'm in high school :3

The Corner

daycaredropout replied to how make my eyes small?

"Try inner-rim eyeliner that isn't extended outward. I've tried it, and I thought they made mine look a bit smaller. I'm…
daycaredropout commented on Costal scents eyeshadow

"I wouldn't go for the shimmer cuz I find that those are less versatile, so I would go for #2 if you don't really need blush, or 3 if you…
daycaredropout replied to Dye my hair without bleaching???

"I've tried something like this, but not from this brand, and when I did it (I used purple) it did not show up very well when I didn't use…
daycaredropout commented on what jeans you choose

"I love #1, I wear a lot of black jeans. I've always preferred them to blue jeans cuz you can dress them up a bit more."
daycaredropout replied to what is the best blending technique for…

"Sometimes it might just be the product, I've found that some makeup is just more blendable than others, so try a few different brands.…
daycaredropout commented on which make up for halloween

"They're amazing...I love #2 and #5 though cuz you could use the for a lot of different costumes. The vamp is also really cool."
daycaredropout commented on which is the nicest

"You're really pretty! I love #s 2 and 5!"
daycaredropout commented on Which clutch is your favorite?

"#3 is awesome! #4 kinda reminds me of a perfume bottle for some reason xD"
daycaredropout replied to i just wanna know am i cute

"You're really cute and you have a good figure! People can be really cruel and malicious towards everyone, even if they think they are…
daycaredropout replied to which type of nail polish is better?

"I've always liked OPI because -They have one of the biggest varieties of shades and colors that I have seen -It goes on pretty well…
daycaredropout commented on Which one is your fav.?

"#1, I've never really been a big fan of neon green. The purple is gorgeous!"
daycaredropout commented on The most original nail-art?

"I love all of these! So hard to choose...I love the 3Dness of #2 but the second-to-last is the craziest!"
daycaredropout commented on which colors of eyes you choose

"Are these contacts? Where did you get the pictures from?"
daycaredropout commented on How to Prevent Razor Burn

"I never knew that about the men's razors, I usually use men's anyway though cuz my dad gets them free in the mail xD Thanks for the…
daycaredropout commented on Skirts or Shorts?

"Skirts..I don't really wear shorts a lot."
daycaredropout replied to hey guyss! which of these heels u like??

"I love the ones farthest to the right, I've always liked heels with funky cutout shapes."
daycaredropout commented on Which of Katy Perry's Hair Colours…

"The blue is really cool, but I think the black with highlights looks best on her."
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