I love seeing everyone's creativity with the makeovers!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, oily medium to tan skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I'm a current grad student in Asian Studies who loves to learn tips here and there on makeup application, usage, etc.

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jorgis137 has posted on dahlia_last_song 's corner

"Hi Danielle, you look great"
seanykatee16 has posted on dahlia_last_song 's corner

"Thank you just started making public"
ismakeover__K18PNQjUPYveTma has posted on dahlia_last_song 's corner

"Thanks!!! ^^"
LukrecijaRendall has posted on dahlia_last_song 's corner

"Tnx for liking my makeover. :)"
tinadasa has posted on dahlia_last_song 's corner

"thank you Danielle:))"
Barb120709 has posted on dahlia_last_song 's corner

"thank you so much for liking my makeover! x"
  1. @zahra234

    wow does it mean THAT MUCH

dahlia_last_song replied to Which hairstyle will suit me ?

"Try an elegant, but easy topknot. I've been seeing that on all of the celebrities lately."
dahlia_last_song replied to Would burgundy/maroon hair look good on…

"I think it would. Maybe do semi-permanent first if you're not sure if you'll like it."
dahlia_last_song commented on what is your favorite mac lipstick…

"I choose number one because I'm trying to be a bit more bold in my look!"
dahlia_last_song commented on Metallic Lips

"Oh this is really neat. I don't know if I'd do it for me, but still cool."
dahlia_last_song replied to What are your opinions of Michelle Phan?

"I've seen a couple of her videos and I like her instructional way. I may not wear as much makeup as she does, but she makes it look easy and is…
dahlia_last_song commented on Hair Flairs Color Rub

"@eye_for_makeup Agreed!"
dahlia_last_song commented on Which Demi Lovato looks better?

"I really like the lip color on the 2nd photo."
dahlia_last_song commented on How to Get Smooth Legs

"Thanks for your tips!"
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