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cutepolish1 replied to eyes to big how can i make them look…

"-brown eyeshadow - black eye liner on your water line -a littlel of black mascara this is he recepie for smaller eye :) "
cutepolish1 replied to what must i do to cure acnes very fast

"hi :) ! i have use clean start product by Dermalogica and it is so good ! http://cleanstart.dermalogica.com/ca/ this stuff really clear my…
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how old do i look ?
hi ! :) a lot of my friends and my sister say to me than i look younger than i am :( so i want to know how hold do you think i am :)
cutepolish1 replied to Do blue eyes (like mine) look good on…

"yes i have green eye and i love it, i think it is a colour than look great on everybody !!"
cutepolish1 replied to is this look (hair color and makeup) look…

"tanks everyone :) !!! you are amazing "
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cutepolish1 wants your vote.

witch one look the most like the real celebrity ? leave your comments :)
cutepolish1 wants your vote.

witch colour fit me better ?? :)
i want dye my hair but i dont know witch one look better on me so one of the choice is my natural color :)
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"<3 katy perry look<"
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cutepolish1 replied to i have wavy dry frizzy hair. how can i stop…

"try hair mask but make sure it is natural ingredient in it :) i use macadamia deep repair mask and i looooove it :)"
cutepolish1 replied to what is best fase wash for oily skin?

"try the lush "fresh pharmacy" soap :)"
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