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curlybelt commented on What Look's Best?

"The First Choice goes better with your beautiful dress! :)"
curlybelt published a new makeover.

Do you like the before or the after better?
curlybelt published a new makeover.

Blue Carpet...
curlybelt published a new makeover.

Selena Gomez
...I think you can figure it out for yourself, hopefully...
curlybelt wants your vote.

Which makeover is the best?
What makeover is the best?
curlybelt replied to which 5 nails look the best ?

"I LOVE 2, 13, and 14. I also like 8 and 12. "
curlybelt commented on Which hair style is the best for me?

"I liked 8,7, and 1. I chose 7. I think the shape fit her head fine and the color was really pretty!"
curlybelt commented on NAILS NAILS NAILS

"They are all so cute!!!My favorites are #4 and #61!! But, they're all so...awesome!"
curlybelt commented on Who Wore it Better: Rose Byrne or Amanda…

"Rose looks more poised and her hair, and belt looks best!"
curlybelt commented on Which dress should I choose for my…

"I like the teal and pink dresses because it screams party and personality."
curlybelt commented on Which pair of ankle boots would you…

"I like the 4th pair because it looks a lot more clean and sassy."
curlybelt commented on What color gown do you like best?

"I have to say that i LOVE your decision of dresses. I'm going with the red because it looks a lot more natural and elegant."
curlybelt commented on Which dress is better for a wedding?

"Definetly option one. The second one is a little awkward with its print, belt and poofy shoulders. The purple one is a lot more elegant and…
curlybelt commented on Which French Connection dress should I…

"Purple. There is a lot of gold out there, set a new trend!"
curlybelt commented on Which pair should I wear on Thanksgiving

"Blue!!! The color is way more fresh. I don't like the latch, color, or point of the 1st one. "
curlybelt commented on Which sandals should I buy?

"I LOVE all of them. My favorites are the two last ones. I love the 5th because you can wear it with most anything. I like the very last one because…
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