love, laugh, live!
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I love to experiment with colours and shades of make-up and my hair which is very long and thick!!! If you follow me you will get a follow back......... xxxxxxxxxxxx

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cremebelle commented on How to Apply Blush

"Great article!!"
cremebelle commented on wchich!!!

"For me deffo no.4!!!"
Pearl1212 has posted on cremebelle 's corner

"i have a normal tanned skin :) skin type 3 :) and thanks for the answer"
cremebelle replied to what kind of powder is best for me?

"what is your skin type (i.e oily, dry, normal)? what is your skin tone? Your Budget? great question x"
cremebelle replied to How can i get a big bun without a doughnut?

"okaii thanks do you know of a big doughnut?"
cremebelle replied to can I go Candy floss pink?

"your stunning by the way!! i think you could still go pink but i agree with hkec's comment below- pink dip dye would look amazing. If your…
cremebelle replied to What is my face shape?

"From that photo i can't see very clearly but it looks like your face might be a square or heart shaped face. If your jaw pooints in slightly…
cremebelle replied to red??? what do u think about this…

"it is stunning!!! very beautiful !!!!! xxx"
cremebelle commented on which prom dress do you like?

"love the 8th pic- that dress in blue is stunning!"
cremebelle asked a question.

How can i get a big bun without a doughnut?
My hair is long, thick and curly and i love buns. However i want a MASSIVE bun but cant find any good websites-some youtube tutorials are good but…
cremebelle replied to Red lipstick on me?

"light shade perhaps not crimson !"
cremebelle 's new status :

"love, laugh, live!"
cremebelle commented on c.t.

"love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
cremebelle commented on c.t.

"love it is this you? if soo your boo-tiful!"
cremebelle 's new status :

"love ya all!"
cremebelle commented on Shape Your Own Brows

"great time to pluck!"
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