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cosmobabe114 replied to How Do You Get A Flawless Fake Tan?

"if your a pale person in general then use a bronzer all over the body make sure it looks nice not crazy"
cosmobabe114 replied to How can I get nice curled eyelashes?

"i have two answers for you when you use your eye lash curler hold your lash for up to 15 seconds then apply mascara until you get the rite length or…
cosmobabe114 replied to How do I do a neat High bun or pony tail?

"well as i have the same hair as you this advice well help you greatly Garnier Fructis curl sculpting cream will smooth your hair down and give…
cosmobabe114 commented on If you had to choose between the…

"yup mascaras the best because if you apply it rite it looks lke your wearing eyeliner and mascara so it can be a wonderful duo!"
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