Starting the day in a beautiful way by giving my self a makeover
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i loove fashion!tendy and formal things.

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"rude cow. dont call people ugly!!"
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how to choose the best colour for your…
match your hair color with your eye color thats the secret.imagine u had light blue eyes and black hair isnt that just perfect it matches soo…
coolgirl1231 commented on wich of these dresses would u wear to a…

"helooooooooooooooo some one answer my question"
coolgirl1231 replied to what changes needs my hair?

"dye your hair brown and give it darker brown high lights and cut it up to your shoulders and sraighten your hair."
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wich of these dresses would u wear to a…
I am going to a friends disco party and i would like to take the most atractive dress, which of these is the best. i looooooove formal short…
coolgirl1231 replied to What would be a good hair color for me?

"you are really ugly i cant imagine u with any other hair color but if u r deseperate u could trybright strawberry red"
coolgirl1231 replied to should i dye my hair?

"no i think your hair matches your eyes. dont change your hair colour plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way by giving my self a makeover"
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flower tastic
which hair style suites U
style it like this
color it like this
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