Ladies night in Vegas this weekend!
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A gal with an irrevocable addiction to makeup. My one single makeup product of choice would be a fierce red lipstick!

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colormered asked a question.

Beach cover ups?
The weather is warming up and I need to find a cute bathing suit and cover up for a mini vacation I am taking soon. The problem is I'm having a…
colormered asked a question.

What can you wear with wedge sneakers?
A lot of my friends are getting those wedge sneaker shoes and they look super cute! I want to get a pair for myself but am wondering what kind of…
colormered commented on What lipstick are you?

"Reds for me please!"
colormered commented on What to Wear to Work

"I love a good pair of high-waisted trousers for work. Stylish and practical!"
colormered replied to Tell please, what hair color suits me…

"It would be helpful if you posted a picture of your natural hair color that way we have something to reference :) "
colormered commented on Whats the best hair color on me?

"Those lighter sunkissed highlights look great with your complexion. You have gorgeous skin!"
colormered commented on Sneak Peek: bareMinerals Tinted…

"That looks like a great product. It's on my wish list for sure!"
colormered commented on Street Style: New York City

"I am drooling over this outfit! It's so chic!"
colormered commented on Barry M vs. Maybelline - Product Review

"I love watching your product reviews!"
colormered commented on How To Pack Your Purse For a Long Day

"Good tips! Also don't forget to pack your keys (I've forgotten them so many times) and a pair of flats if you're walking around…
colormered commented on Which necklace should I get?

"I love the stones on the second option. It looks really fashionable and well-made. '"
colormered replied to What to wear with these cropped…

"Cute! I think you should stick to a basic white top. For shoes, you could wear bright green flats or a strappy sandal."
colormered commented on Best make over?

"I love the red tones on #1"
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