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chrism15 replied to What is your favorite styling product to…

"Thanks so much! I'll give it a try."
chrism15 asked a question.

What is your favorite styling product to…
I have curly hair which tends to frizz in high humidity. I use a hot air curling brush to style and smooth it and I wondered if anyone knows of a good…
chrism15 asked a question.

My acrylic nails turn yellow by the time…
I use a clear acrylic powder--would it be better to use a sheer pink to minimize the yellowing? What's a good sheer pink powder?
chrism15 replied to how much should hair feathers cost?

"Stylists charge $25 but that's much more than they should cost. This type of feather is used in tying fishing flies, so if you know someone…
chrism15 asked a question.

What's a good nail polish for…
I prefer off-white rather than stark white for my french tips, but would like suggestions for a good natural color that iwould cover with one…
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