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BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, fair skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
my name is C.H.E.L.S.E.A.
the profile pic is not me, just someone i admire
i have light brown eyes
wavy hair
pale skin
and very long nails
thats it

The Corner

chelseajaja commented on Sparkly heels?

"*silver or purple:)"
chelseajaja commented on Sparkly heels?

"either getting pink or purple."
chelseajaja replied to Can this bag be used as an everyday bag?

"Wow, that thing is awesome... Yeah, because it's black and matches almost anything. It could be used as like a tote bag.."
chelseajaja replied to what kind of make up color that match for…

"Gold and dark plum and black for eyes. Raisin, Rust blood red and Fuchsia for cheeks. Coral, Plum or Tangerine lip color."
chelseajaja commented on Flannel can be sexy too. What do you…

"pink coral...omg i love that soo much."
chelseajaja commented on Sparkly heels?

"@VIP thanks!! that really helped because i love heels with jeans and stuff"
chelseajaja commented on wink

"lol thanks took me a long time to get the other eye right and leave the other eye lol"
chelseajaja wants your vote.

Sparkly heels?
thinking of getting a pair..which ones?
chelseajaja published a new photo.

brighten up someone's day with your…
everyone has simple, perfect makeup? stand out. make everyone open their eyes and stare at you.
chelseajaja replied to Should I do my hair like this? Welcome…

"Yeah, side bangs are super cute. If you streaked it, that would be REALLY cute, but it is a good style for your face shape."
chelseajaja replied to Can someone explain the easiest way…

"Use an eye pencil to trace how you want it to be on both eyes. Step back from the mirror and tilt your head to see if they look even. Go over it with…
chelseajaja commented on Which Amy Lee outfit is your favorite?

"Love the wonderland dress."
chelseajaja published a new makeover.

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