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carladarla commented on OVERALL most popular PERSON on taaz?

"The TAAZ staff would be their Elite team: RubyDenise, Briana, VBeauty, Courtney2Bambi.All those people."
carladarla commented on OVERALL most popular PERSON on taaz?

"I just looked up CARROTSTAR. She was a 'featured contributor'. That just means TAAZ liked her and invited her to submit some things,…
carladarla commented on OVERALL most popular PERSON on taaz?

"I don't think CARROTSTAR is or was TAAZ staff."
carladarla asked a question.

I am a looking for a good brand of pressed…
-I have oily skin. -I am always on the go and need something I can just throw in my bag.
carladarla asked a question.

High quality bronzing powders?
The last one I bought, I thought looked alright when I put it on. When other people saw me, they remarked that it looked "orangey".…
carladarla commented on Stem Cells in Skin Care

"We hear so much about stem cells and I am glad to hear that they are able to put it to good use in our skincare products. I will definitely try these…
carladarla asked a question.

I am looking for a toner
to help control my oily skin. Something I can either make at home or buy at the drugstore for under $5. Any ideas?
carladarla commented on Which is the best Holiday/Season Nails…

"Just love the ones for Breast Cancer Awareness"
carladarla asked a question.

I'd like to use a BB cream
but I have oily skin and the ones I have tried so far are too greasy. I don't like the look of feel of heavy foundations and I tried mineral…
carladarla commented on Skin Care Tips for Winter and Beyond

"Thanks for another truly wonderful and educational article. I have a question. You recommend washing the face only once a day during the…
carladarla asked a question.

What makeup colors would suit me best?
I feel like I'm in a beauty rut wearing the same old makeup for years. Any fresh new ideas?
carladarla commented on 2012 Holiday List of Top Ten Favorites

"This is an absolutely fantastic list. Which stores carry the BB Rosewater? Anyway Merry Christmas from your biggest follower!"
carladarla commented on How to Look Good in Pictures

"GF: I swear, every article you write is solid gold. This couldn't have come at a better time, a photographer is coming to our office next…
carladarla replied to What do you think of this jumpsuit??

"I'd go with a messy bun and lots of acessories that really stand out. Maybe even mixing gold and silver together. If you're wearing…
carladarla replied to What beauty product are you…

"It's probably Latisse."
carladarla commented on Skin Care Ingredients

"GF: Your articles are always jam-packed with information gems. I won't be taking anymore showers with the hot water spraying directly…
carladarla commented on 4 Beauty Products to Pack for Traveling

"Great article. Q-tips has come out with some Q-tips with pointy ends just for us girls."
carladarla commented on Supriya-makeover

"You made her look absolutely beautiful."
carladarla replied to Taaz . . honest opionion should I go…

"I think your long hair is very pretty. You can always have your hairstylist do some "undercutting" and thin out some of the…
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