I love TAAZ!!!
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My name is Mandy and I love TAAZ <3

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hzlaugher has posted on buxombeachbabe 's corner

"♥Happy Easter!♥"
silkone has posted on buxombeachbabe 's corner

"Thank you Mandy. I'm new at this makeup thing and it's fun,i can photo all the pretty ladys out there then make them up."
buxombeachbabe replied to Where’s your favorite place to…

"I like CVS for a lot of my makeup. If I have extra money I'll buy some kits at Ulta "
buxombeachbabe commented on Should i get my lip pierced?

"I like the first version. Just make sure you clean it often so it doesn't get infected :)"
buxombeachbabe replied to which hair cut should i get now?

"Get a cut that's more low maintenance and easier to style every day. I always like to get longer layers so I can clip my hair back when…
buxombeachbabe commented on What dress is prettiest?

"I like the last dress especially for this time of year :)"
buxombeachbabe replied to Tell please, what hair color suits me…

"Is that you in the picture? If so I think light brown hair would be nice on u"
buxombeachbabe commented on Whats the best hair color on me?

"Oooh! I love the darker version :)"
buxombeachbabe commented on Color Block

"I like this trend a lot!! That tank and the bright jeans are super cute. Thanks for posting :)"
buxombeachbabe commented on March Madness Look

"I love going to sporty events and painting my nails in the team colors I'm rooting for!"
buxombeachbabe published a new video.

Braided Headband Tutorial
I love wearing bohemian-style headbands but never thought to wear one made out of my own braided hair! This girl had a really great idea to use a…
buxombeachbabe replied to what would be a good hairstyle color ect.…

"I like your color and bangs but I think you should go shorter! Like shoulder length would be cute"
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