BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal light skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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I'm on a mission to dye my hair red. Each day, I am planning to take a photo and edit it to red until I finally can.

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Which glasses to get?
I am getting glasses (real ones) with one of these frames. I am blonde with blue eyes if that helps! I wear a lot of black. I am a bit worried about…
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brynnita wants your vote.

Which heart-shaped glasses?
I am getting custom lenses in the shape of hearts for real glasses and I was wondering which would be best. I don't want them to look too huge…
brynnita replied to How could I make these shorts?

"I was thinking of more of a DIY project, but thanks for the idea, too (:"
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How could I make these shorts?
I think these are just adorable but I'm not quite sure how to go about making them.
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Red with Bangs
I just recut my bangs today. o; Hope you enjoy!
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"But henna cannot be dyed over properly and has to grow out to be removed."
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How would I go about styling/cutting…
I love her bangs. I only cut my own hair so please give hair cutting advice :D
brynnita replied to would i suit a full fringe

"You have about the same facial shape as me. I recently cut my bangs kind of straight. I'll attach some pictures for your consideration."
brynnita replied to Could she pull of blonde? What shade?

"I think she should leave her color the way it is, or get highlights. Going blonde can dry out hair very quickly and permanently damage the hair.…
brynnita replied to How can i make my hair shinier?

"A DIY cure is egg whites. They are protein for the hair and make it really silky smooth. I would also recommend Organix hair shampoo and…
brynnita replied to Should I dye my hair black?

"I would dye it semi-permanent with dark brown first because black is nearly impossible to remove."
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"My favorite ombre hair is Lua on le-happy.com. It goes from red to a strawberry blonde color."
brynnita replied to What color nail varnish is best for pale…

"My favorites are Revlon Popular, Sheer Nude, and Gold Coin as well as pastel colors."
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