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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, medium to tan skin, darkest brown very long (mid-back) straight hair

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bobbydachicken2 commented on naileas's Makeover

"I Actually Frickin Love This, its gorge :P x"
ladyalessia has posted on bobbydachicken2 's corner

"thank you!!!!!!!"
bobbydachicken2 commented on Quick Makeup & Hair for School, Work…

"This was an am-ay-zhin tutorial i'm gonna totally use it for school... Thanks <3 ;)"
bobbydachicken2 commented on Turn it UP

bobbydachicken2 commented on nO

"wow, please u do one from one of my pics pleeeeeeeease ? <3 :)"
bobbydachicken2 commented on taylor

"WOOOOOOOOOOW please can you do a makeover wiv my picture ? :)"
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