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bluberrio asked a question.

How can I get my hair to white?
Hi so I really want platinum, ashy toned hair. I went to the salon, and although she bleached my hair, it really did not lighten at all (rather it…
bluberrio replied to How should I dye my hair?

"I agree with GoodFaith. You kind of look like Lauren Curtis by the way"
bluberrio wants your vote.

What picture should I take to my…
I really want all over highlighted blonde hair and I need to bring a picture to show my hairdresser. What one do you think would suit me best?…
bluberrio replied to What colour should I dye my hair?

"I'd say matching your hair color and eye could make them pop. Kind of like Keira Knightley"
bluberrio replied to Should I get bangs with my hair type/ face…

"I think you could pull of bangs (side swept or straight across). You would probably have to straighten them though. I feel like you could pull…
bluberrio replied to Can my face shape work well with a pixie…

"I think the pixie cut picture is more flattering but the actual style of your hair now/ the ones good faith suggested would look better. I…
bluberrio replied to How can I go back to a natural color when I…

"I would go to a stylist. Sometimes when people go from green hair to natural themselves, there are still some chunks of green still in it. If you…
bluberrio replied to How to ton down make-up at 70 years old,…

"Personally I think your makeup is lovely! I think just keeping it neutral with dewy foundation is a good idea. Helen Mirren always has lovely…
bluberrio replied to Best colour and layered cut

"I agree with Goodfaith that a bang/sidebang would look great. I think this haircut and color could also look cool,"
bluberrio replied to what celebrity do i look alike ?

"Not exactly a "celebrity" but you remind me a little of Ingrid Nilsen/missglamorazzi off of youtube. She posts makeup videos too…
bluberrio replied to Best way to get a tan?

"St Tropez or St Moriz! Foaming self tanners are my favorite. You usually only have to reapply one to two times a week, depending on the level of…
bluberrio commented on What shade of blonde? :)

"Thanks! Pictures would really help too"
bluberrio wants your vote.

What shade of blonde? :)
Also, if you could give me reference pictures for hair colors that would be great My hair is also naturally a medium/dark brown so tha'ts…
bluberrio commented on Should I stay red or go brown?

"I think you would look great with a darker red"
bluberrio replied to What's the name of this hair color?…

"Chestnut brown but its harder to see when its piled into a bun"
bluberrio replied to What hair color do you think would look…

"I love you hair color now! I also think you could totally pull off a golden blonde if you wanted. "
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