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blondie131621 commented on What hair color looks better?

"auburn. black is too harsh for your skin."
blondie131621 asked a question.

what color of eyeshadow should i wear?
i have blue eyes and im a natural blonde and my skin is kinda red from my acne and i want to tone down the red a bit. help?
blondie131621 replied to Is it safe to dye your hair 2times in 2…

"no! you need to bleach your hair first, but you have to be really careful with bleach. it can fry your hair and break off/fall out. but you might…
blondie131621 replied to I Wanna Be A Model But I Dnt Thinkkk Im…

"to be a model you have to have good self esteem and not care wat other people say. its definately hard to be a model. but there are different types…
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