Hi everyone!! <3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal fair skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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I am from Greece and I love any kind of art!!

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berby88 commented on Which hair color do you like on me???

"@rix4 actually i was 2 years younger :D"
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"Hi everyone!! <3"
  1. @gorgeouslook3


  2. @zahra234

    Heyyy ;)

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"I am getting out of here..If any of my old goood friends in here finds a new page like taaz and joins it and want to meet me there let me know with a private message here,I would be very happy to meet you again..Love you all :*"
  1. @zahra234

    aww gonna miss you x

  2. @ameliagotswag

    BYE! xoxoxo ;D

zahra234 has posted on berby88 's corner

"i have been on taaz for a while now my friends maimouth, vampire234 and kissyboo234 have all left i loved taaz at first now it aint as good the people were amazing then so nice so great im not saying your here thats why taaz is bad no because it isnt you but no body on taz is like the old people i mean evry makeover was commented loved and people were always giving advice even if it wasent asked i miss all these people they are amazing where ever they are however they have noticed taaz aint sme"
  1. @manga-depressedgirl


  2. @ameliagotswag

    Wats dat meant to meab uz tazzerz r wayy beter dan chur freaky frends dat lie

  3. @zahra234

    yeah you are A DISGRACE TO TAAZ

  4. @berby88

    I know my beaytuful friends manga-depressedgirl and zahra we had a great time together in here too.But you are right taaz is not the way it used to be..

  5. @berby88

    ameliagotswag you are new here,if you were an old meber like us you would understand what i'm saying

  6. @zahra234

    thanks berby for understanding

berby88 's new status :

"Why TAAZ has become so boring and meaningless?When I first visited this page about a year ago it was so interesting and full of advice for hair and makeup and there were a lot of people here who used to make great makeovers."
  1. @gorgeouslook3

    yes me too not enjoying here for many months! :(

  2. @ameliagotswag

    ikr taaz is gettin borin evry day nd mkeovers urgh hve u seen the most popular ones DISGRACE lol

berby88 commented on Good Faith (Photo Cover) Make over

"you are so beautiful!and great makover!"
berby88 commented on WHICH CELEB HAS THE BEST HAIR???

"cheryl cole I think.simple and sexcy"
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