Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, combination light skin, vanilla blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Don't know much about makeup...hopefully I will learn new things from this website :)

The Corner

Bah12101996 has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"O que gostas na minha reforma? amei o fato mas gostaria de saber detalhes..."
nandaflor has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"thx :)"
Barb120709 has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"thank you again Alana x"
emilystallings has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"Thanks for loving my hair makeover!"
Barb120709 has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"thank you so much for liking my makeover :) x"
fashionaddict1983 has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"Thanks so much ❤"
Berry1983 has posted on beautytipsplz 's corner

"Thank you."
beautytipsplz commented on Mermaid Makeup

"oh my...the colors are just spectacular! and the eyelashes just look like wings sitting on the lash line!"
beautytipsplz commented on Mime Makeup

"Try using a white liner instead of a black one...they usually carry white liners a drug stores if you're looking for a cheap find."
beautytipsplz commented on Hippie Makeup Looks

"Being hippie is all about embracing the natural side...so I would go minimal on the makeup and play up everything else (clothes,…
beautytipsplz commented on Burlesque Makeup

"Hahaha yeah, I think she's just blessed with impeccable skin to begin with and then has the funds to get the best foundation there is out…
beautytipsplz commented on Earthly Elements Hair and Body Care

"The different collections sound like they would smell really good :D"
beautytipsplz commented on Bronzing Argan Oil By Josie Maran…

"Want to try this out. I love using oils as part of skincare. my favorite right now is jojoba (:"
beautytipsplz commented on The Deep Side Part Trend

"I like doing a deep part and braiding my hair on one side of my head (over the shoulder). Really simple but a great look ;D"
beautytipsplz commented on Bob Hairstyle Trends

"^Sounds like a very individualistic look...I say go for it! :D"
beautytipsplz commented on Josie Maran Makeup

"Wow...her hair looks great! I'm guessing that she bleached it? coz her brows are wayyyy darker than her hair..."
beautytipsplz commented on Elizabeth Hurley Hairstyle

"Her skin looks fantastic. And I love the messy wavy look on her."
beautytipsplz commented on Kelly Ripa Hairstyle

"Can anyone tell me what makeup she's wearing??? She's looks so naturally gorgeous :)"
beautytipsplz commented on Eva Longoria Dramatic Makeup

"Wow...I really like how natural her makeup looks! "
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