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beautyprincess25 replied to Should I get extensions? If so what…

"Yes u can get extensions but ur hair look very beautiful without them"
beautyprincess25 replied to would this be good for my birthday party?

"If these are Hairpins then yes they would be good for ur bday but they should be matching your outfit colour and shimmer"
rosie2939 has posted on beautyprincess25 's corner

"Hi, I saw your coment, I was wondering, what are side fringes and plaits?"
beautyprincess25 replied to What type of dress length will suit me ?

"I think you should go for dark blue or red dress. 1-1/2 inch above your knee would be fine. A dress with a sleevless top would be great!"
beautyprincess25 replied to Am i pretty

"You are very pretty , your eyes are the best part. I don't need any fashion tips ........... just be this pretty"
beautyprincess25 replied to My face makeup

"The best way is to remove ur acne forever! even i had acne which i was successful in removing . Simply use saslic acid face washes ( first…
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The rose
its happening
beautyprincess25 replied to do you think i should wear?

"well no , it is not giving a very glamorous look, the colour contrast is not so happening either. You can wear the skirt with a black shimmery top…
beautyprincess25 replied to How can I stop my hair from going greasy?

"do oiling everytime before u wash ur hair .... atleast for 1 month . ur hair would get soft and silky , heavy and long!"
beautyprincess25 replied to blonde or not??

"go for dirty blonde ! "
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The red rose
so lovely
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The Rose
so pretty
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