december has flown - on to 2012!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, fair skin, vanilla blonde medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I"m a beauty DIYer who loves concocting new potions in my kitchen (or bathroom). My current obsession: homemade Vitamin C serum!

The Corner

AlixPreston has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"thanks, I kind of like that cut too. I also rather like my gray hair, would've been nice to have had some in the hair colour choice. but hey, youth is beauty. before your time but I used to watch a tv show called China Beach, take a look at Dana Delaney's images then and now. look familiar? Alix."
fawnfawn3 has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"thanks for the luv"
christiadolina has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"muito show as maquiagens"
decor72 has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"thank you very much to love my makeover. have a blessed week my darling."
Maurita1 has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"Thank you for liking my make over. Grtz... Maurita"
msrich38 has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"Thank you for liking my makeover. I have no idea how to like "others"... yet, lol. Still learning how to navigate on this site."
Barb120709 has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"thank you so much for liking my makeover. Barb :)"
justyas3 has posted on beautydiylover 's corner

"Follow Me!! Look At My Makovers!! Vote, Love And Comment!! :)"
  1. @jaidemuwa

    ok 2 heheh

beautydiylover commented on Barbie chic

"Big fan of this neutral look."
beautydiylover commented on summer breeze

"I like the hint of color on the cheeks."
beautydiylover commented on stone.porsha's Makeover

"I love the sideswept bangs and the lilac eye shadow makes the makeup look fresh."
beautydiylover commented on sassygirl99's Makeover

"Love the hairstyle and color. The green eye shadow also is good complement."
beautydiylover commented on House of Harlow 1960's Jewelry

"Love her line! Definitely the bracelets."
beautydiylover commented on Which of green makup do you like ?

"#4 is really cool. green is one of my favorite colors!"
beautydiylover commented on Stephcr's Makeover

"I love the hairstyle on this and the eyes. Definitely the eyes. Looks great!"
beautydiylover commented on blond

"You did a great job!"
beautydiylover commented on Which Demi Lovato looks better?

"Both are good looks, the second with the additional color is my favorite."
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