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I'm a first-year at college studying political science, and love learning about makeup and beauty tips on the side.

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beauty_queen01 commented on Futuristic Makeup Looks

"Whoa niceeee right up the alley with Lady Gaga hahaha"
beauty_queen01 commented on The Deep Side Part Trend

"EASIEST.DO.EVER. hahaa love it"
beauty_queen01 commented on Holiday Hair Accessories

"chain barrettes sound amazing!! only thing is i have no idea where to find them :/"
beauty_queen01 commented on Hollywood Lipstick Trends

"Wow, she can really pull off all those colors! My fav is probably the bubblegum pink one ;)"
beauty_queen01 commented on Paris Hilton Makeup

"Ohhh I like her hair as well. Kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga's hair bow that she used to wear on the top of her head!"
beauty_queen01 commented on Heidi Klum Makeup

"Her hair looks amazing too!! We need an article on her hair as well :D"
beauty_queen01 commented on Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

"Wow, she actually has wavy hair for once instead of that signature straight hair of hers!"
beauty_queen01 commented on Lady Gaga Hairstyle and Makeup

"Is her makeup purposely blotchy-looking? Can't tell if it's actually supposed to be like this or if it's that same translucent…
beauty_queen01 commented on Jennifer Love Hewitt Makeup

"Thankssss so I should use a kohl pencil?? (I have liquid liner at home)"
beauty_queen01 commented on Jennifer Love Hewitt Makeup

"Sexy eyes ;D. mannn can anyone elaborate on how to do her eye makeup please??"
beauty_queen01 commented on Jennifer Lopez Makeup

"LOL yeah, I heard that she lathers a ton of La Mer's Creme de la Mer ALL OVER HERSELF? lol that stuff is like ~$300 for like a small jar lmao (i…
beauty_queen01 commented on Julianne Hough Makeup

"Can anyone tell me what type of foundation Julianne is wearing?"
beauty_queen01 commented on Cindy Crawford Makeup

"DANG...that woman DOES NOT age at all!!! o___0 and her skin just looks perfect....that's some pretty spectacular genes right there!!"
beauty_queen01 commented on Whitney Ports braided bun

"This hairstyle looks really pretty and is soooooo easy to do. Love it!!! :)"
beauty_queen01 commented on Kate Middleton Wedding Makeup

"I like how clean and elegant her look is! Anyone know what type of foundation is good to get that same finish Kate has?"
beauty_queen01 commented on Perfect Eyebrows

"^ for a round face, u wanna make ur brows more arched-lookin'. if ur brows are more angular, it will balance out the roundness of ur face…
beauty_queen01 commented on Summer Bronzing 101

"try applying it to the areas where the sun naturally hits your face. You're trying to mimic the way a natural tan looks...so it would be the…
beauty_queen01 commented on Makeup 101 For A Flawless Face

"I'm going to try pairing a tinted moisturizer with a bronzer since it's getting warmer (don't want heavy foundation to be…
beauty_queen01 commented on Foundation Application 101

"Foundation brushes always make my foundation look streaky :( I found that using my fingers help the foundation adhere to my skin better.…
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