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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, combination fair skin, vanilla blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
A part-time freelance MU artist who is all about sharing the knowledge to makeup artistry! The two items I cannot live without are foundation and lipstick.

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altheaflora has posted on beauty_pro 's corner

"Thanks for the favorite."
vanessagirl1 has posted on beauty_pro 's corner

"Ty for the like. VANESSA......."
cvoorhees has posted on beauty_pro 's corner

"debating of whether or not to keep the bangs or not, the other pics have me with and without, what would you suggest ?"
Pretty_Abgel has posted on beauty_pro 's corner

"hi ill follow u can u follow me?"
  1. @KataBelieber

    Ok :D

  2. @sboo1218

    sure!! :)

chirtoaca.alina has posted on beauty_pro 's corner

"very beautiful photo"
  1. @xoxo_cacinja

    thenks :))

maudyn has posted on beauty_pro 's corner

beauty_pro commented on Moulin Rouge Makeup

"Yes, it definitely looks like she is! White liner is great for opening up and making the eyes look brighter :D"
beauty_pro commented on Snow White Makeup Looks

"Now that I look at it really closely...the Snow White looks is kind of similar to the classic pin-up look with pale skin. It's all about red…
beauty_pro commented on Rock and Roll Makeup

"This look is totally about dark eyes and smoky eyeshadow. Electric blue is my choice of an edgier color :)"
beauty_pro commented on Do It Yourself Bridal Hairstyles

"A really good cheap investment for keeping your hair locked in place is some sort of generic freezing hairspray (just be sure that the product…
beauty_pro commented on Leighton Meester Hairstyle

"Leighton looks soooo great as a brunette that I can't imagine her being a natural blonde at all! I really like how her hair always look like…
beauty_pro commented on Victoria Beckham Makeup

"She's quite gorgeous in that tanned picture of hers! I'm a big fan of her fashion style :D"
beauty_pro commented on Lisa Rinna Hairstyle

"I think it's relatively easy to maintain. given tho, you pretty much have to make sure it looks ok every morning because sleeping on short…
beauty_pro commented on Blake Lively Hairstyle

"Blake always has such perfect looking hair! And I like her hairstyle in this one, especially the braid details. Oh and to give your hair extra…
beauty_pro commented on Demi Lovato Makeup

"I really like that this article points out growing a fuller brow. I feel like when I see a lot of my gal pals plucking their brows, they tend to…
beauty_pro commented on Lindsay Lohan Makeup and Hairstyle

"You can probably get that same type of volume with just blow drying your hair upside down. Add some hairspray to your roots and you'll get…
beauty_pro commented on Angelina Jolie Makeup

"i think you might want to go with a lipliner, red lipstick and a clear gloss. don't skip out on the liner...or else your lipstick/gloss…
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