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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, oily medium to tan skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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beajade published a new makeover.

darker hair color, and added bangs that frame the face
beajade replied to How can i keep my hair straight all day?

"I use Simply Smooth extend finishing gloss, I love it and a small bottle goes a long way."
beajade commented on long black hair

"@vamp1967 thank you "
beajade commented on Which dress is better for a wedding?

"is there a wedding party? what color are they wearing you probably don't want to wear the same color, otherwise loving the purple for…
beajade commented on what kind of hair color should i have?

"I like the last one it fresh and perfect for summer"
lululibra has posted on beajade 's corner

"Hello! I really liked the one with highlights!! It brightens your face!!"
beajade commented on what hair color and style is best?

"@ProfessorBeauty thanks just wish my grey wasm't showing through it really pops with the balck hair"
beajade commented on what hair color and style is best?

"@ProfessorBeauty thanks i like it too but my concern is my grey is coming through, right now my high lights hide them. any suggestions?"
beajade published a new makeover.

beajade commented on what color hair should I go with?

"@RubyDenise thank you I'm due to get my hair colored and wasn't sure which way to go. I tend to under do the makeup also need to try new…
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