BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, vanilla blonde short straight hair

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Hello there. My name's Azalea, but I prefer Lea. I am fourteen at the moment, my birthday is November sixteenth nineteen-ninety-eight. I am IN LOVE with Ke$ha, she is sooo hot! And, yeah, I guess that's it c:

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azaleasrad 's new status :

azaleasrad 's new status :

"Life is bubbiful! ^_~"
azaleasrad commented on NaNNY-1

"I know that girl from YouTube, she looks like a doll."
azaleasrad replied to Hi! What is the best eyebrow pencil out…

"Three shades lighter than your hair colour, but if it's blonde/light brown there shades darker."
shyskie1 has posted on azaleasrad 's corner

"hello Azalea, just wanna ask..don't you think curly hair looks good on me? or medium curls?..please help. thanks"
  1. @azaleasrad

    Yes, I think medium curls would look really good on you. But, the best way to find out is to try it, and check out the results. :)

azaleasrad commented on good morning :)

"Wow, the bangs look so real. (:"
azaleasrad commented on Gypsy Magic

"This is NOT a gypsy!"
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