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ayeshas2 replied to How Do You Grow Long Hair Faster???

"quick way to grow your hair is to do a braid or put it in a low ponytail..the braid really helped me and my hair grew in 2 months after i got a…
ayeshas2 replied to How do you apply blush properly??

"first apply some blush on the side of your cheeks dont go too much nd put a lil bit bronzer under you cheekbones and highlight the apple of your…
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how to make my cheeckbones look bigger…
I have very pretty cheekbones, but they'r a little bit skinny. how can i make my cheekbones look higher and bigger so they look bit fat?…
ayeshas2 asked a question.

How to cover acne beside your nose?
how would you cover a pimple beside your nose? what are some of the Technic i can use to cover it up? Graduation ceremony coming up need help?????
ayeshas2 replied to Graduation makeup?

"hey there, try staying away from darker shade of colors if u have no idea of Ur dress. watch couple of you tube video "graduation…
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way…<3"
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