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Kim Kardashian
Well I guess this is what Kim would look like with strawberry blonde hair!
ashleypx2015 replied to What's your favourite dressing?

"I actually like the first one, its very monochromatic (:"
ashleypx2015 replied to What color should i do my hair?

"I actually really like the hair color you have now, it gives such a beautiful contrast to your fair skin "
ashleypx2015 replied to is this curly hair best foe me???

"you look adorable with that hairstyle! you should definitely try it (:"
ashleypx2015 replied to Which One Of These 2013 Fashion Trends…

"I think 3rd is a very trendy, graphic sort of trend. The 5th though, is such a cute, simple trend. I love them both! <3"
ashleypx2015 commented on What hair suits me best!

"i think electric blue hair and red/brown look great on you!"
ashleypx2015 commented on Ariana Grande

"@Huggable thanks! (:"
ashleypx2015 replied to Who wore it best?

"Blake Lively definitey"
ashleypx2015 commented on Which make-up looks best on this model?

"Wow it's so hard to choose! I love the first two <3"
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