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anupama94 replied to Im brunette, turned blonde. wondering…

"you should try auburn...it'll look nice"
anupama94 replied to what is the best cleanser for sensitive…

"use aloevera gel...works wonders"
anupama94 published a new makeover.

anupama94 replied to What type of hair cut would suit me?

"layers in the front and back:)"
anupama94 replied to should i dye my hair brown or a different…

"if your hair is unhealthy now then dont dye your hair...it can lead to severe damage...treat your hair to a good oil like olive oil or almond oil…
anupama94 replied to What vibrant color should I dye my hair?

"you should go with something which suits your eye color...that will make it look less harsh and more natural:)"
anupama94 replied to What color suits me?

"you can go with strawberry blonde...it won't be too obvious considering a difference in the color of your hair and eyebrows....it will…
anupama94 replied to Should I dye my hair blonde?

"no your hair color is really rare...you should probably get streaks instead:) "
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