BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, fair skin, strawberry blonde extra short very curly hair

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Hi, I'm Andi, and I'm a danger to everyone around me! 0w0

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annad60 commented on Emo makeup <3

"this embarrasses the real emos out there..."
annad60 replied to Opinions on this dress??

"luv it as long as the front isnt all lace!"
annad60 commented on Which one do you like?

"Lighten up on the makeup a bit- the saturated bright colors make you look about 45 while a pale foundation, nude tones, and no eyeshadow or just…
annad60 commented on Which makeover looks the best.

"All I will say is #1 isn't going to get any votes."
annad60 published a new makeover.

Slight makeup change
annad60 wants your vote.

Hair color?
I can APPEARANTLY pull any color off but...
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"Emo and lovin it."
annad60 published a new makeover.

annad60 published a new makeover.

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I just dyed my hair!
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