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angelinaedwards1987 replied to Valentine's Day Makeover Contest!

"my entry..... i call this "the moment you realise no1 is perfect!""
angelinaedwards1987 replied to How Do I Look with Black hair?

"i think its a bit too dark for ur skin tone, chocolate would look fab on u xxx"
angelinaedwards1987 commented on Which hair colour suits me best out of…

"i prefer black but cant say it brings ur eyes out more coz there contacts :S lol"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to DOES THIS SUIT ME

"thanks guys booked in for friday !! eeeekkkk"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to DOES THIS SUIT ME

"thanks guys got my hairdresser coming for patch test so fingers crossed i had red before loved it til the rhianna craze lol ill let you all if and…
lisasecrett has posted on angelinaedwards1987 's corner

"you asked for a picture of me so you can try to help with my look, if you are serious let me have an email address so that i can send it, i would be interested in the results thanks Lisa Secrett"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to What makeup and hair ideas could you…

"to be honest you look like your getting it right ur stunning x-x-x"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to I am a 50 year old transsexual, had a sex…

"i would love you to send me a pic so i can play about and find something FAB for you.... i am a beauty therapist so know makeup colours well :)"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to what hair style is best for me???

"i disagree i think with your beautiful eyes and skin blonde would look lovely on you x"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to How many colors have you dyed your hair…

"omg would be easier to say what colour i have NOT been lol"
angelinaedwards1987 replied to What hair color should i have!!!???

"i think like a mahogony or if u wanna diff change then a plum would look lovely on u"
angelinaedwards1987 asked a question.

At minute my hair is black
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