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I'm Angela and I LOVE learning all I can about makeup online. I find that websites like these are great...so let's all share our knowledge!

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angelababe commented on Marie Antoinette Makeup and Hairstyle

"Yeah the costume/hair (other than the makeup to begin with) seems like it would take a long time, but the overall look is JUST AMAZING!!!"
angelababe commented on Sexy Pirate Makeup Looks

"Dang the blending is ultra precise and perfect! Looks like it would take serious skill to get it looking like that 0__o"
angelababe commented on Disco Makeup

"Lovelovelove this!! And I totally second UB's primer potion. total HG eyeshadow primer for me...I've been using it for years! ;D"
angelababe commented on Kerastase Ciment Thermique…

"I've seen some great reviews Keratase. How is this different from other conditioners???"
angelababe commented on Philosophy Purity Cleanser

"the smell of this stuff is sooooo amazing :)"
angelababe commented on Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor

"Wait...so is the formula really thin so that it 'tints' or is it like a mascara...but one that you can leave on for 4 days??…
angelababe commented on Bob Hairstyle Trends

"I used to have the bob...and omg it was soooo easy to style, wash, maintain, etc. Now I have long hair and it's so much work!!!"
angelababe commented on Hollywood Hair Color Trends

"Okay, thanks a lot for your input!!! :)"
angelababe commented on Hollywood Hair Color Trends

"I kind of want to get the copper shade...but have really dark hair (think asian near black). If I buy a box of color at the drug store, will I be…
angelababe commented on Look Gorgeous in Your Prom Photos

"Going for the smokey eye look!!! <3"
angelababe commented on Long Wavy Hair

"I generally have straight hair, but this is my lazy go-to look when I fall asleep on damp hair and wake up with a lion-head hahaa. I just add…
angelababe commented on Brigitte Bardot Makeup and Hairstyle

"She's so pretty! Total bombshell. And I love her hair too :)"
angelababe commented on Penelope Cruz Makeup

"^I fee like that looks good on people who have big eyes though! If you have small eyes (like me), it just makes your eyes look smaller :("
angelababe commented on Denise Richards Hairstyle and Makeup

"Omg I love Denise's full brows! But I have pretty light eyebrows T____T"
angelababe commented on Samantha Harris Hairstyle

"Yeah...I'm guessing it's teased. The crown area definitely looks teased to me. "
angelababe commented on Jessica Simpson Makeup

"Oh wow, gonna try that one. I've always found bronzer either too glittery or too orange for contouring (I'm really fair). "
angelababe commented on Whitney Port Hairstyle

"You should try keeping them in for longer! Or if it still doesn't work, just go for a curling iron instead. "
angelababe commented on Rachel Bilson Hairstyle

"hahaa it actually doesn't even look like she really did anything to her look. I say, just go natural and make sure to condition and avoid…
angelababe commented on Mariah Carey Hairstyle

"I also use lightweight hairspray. but if i'm out, i go for my mousse...it's light enough to look natural, but not heavy enough to undo…
angelababe commented on Taylor Momsen Makeup

"I've seen some pretty horrid looks of hers (e.g. raccoon eyes -____-), but this look of hers actually looks pretty flattering! "
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