YOLO? More like Hakuna Matata ;)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, oily light skin, golden blonde middy wavy hair

Mini Bio:
My ideal job would be to be a Disney Princess. My lucky/favorite number is 12, as I was born on the 12th.
So... here is a list of 12 words to describe me:
Sassy, Dreamer, Romantic, Artistic, Professional, Enthusiastic, Confident, Sensitive, Organized, Funny, and never satisfied. Thanks for reading but I forgot one word- ha! I made you check :P I am smart.

The Corner

angela9810 's new status :

"YOLO? More like Hakuna Matata ;)"
angela9810 's new status :

"''Hakuna Matata'' :p Oh, those Disney Kids! :3"
angela9810 's new status :

"Hakuna Matata xDxDxD Oh those Disney Kids! :3"
angela9810 's new status :

"Hakuna Matata- it means no worries for the rest of your days. It's a problem-free philosophy :3 Oh those Disney Kids xDxDxD"
angela9810 published a new makeover.

angela9810 commented on which dress??

"both! but the design for the white dress is better xD"
angela9810 replied to what hairstyle would best suit me?

"I would say have it layered and a side fringe (bangs xD in American) and if I were you I wouldn't dye it :)"
angela9810 replied to What hairstyle will I suit?

"I'm going to say keep it natural :)"
angela9810 commented on denelyn!!!

"I love it!"
angela9810 commented on jecy93's Makeover

"so delicate...I love it :)"
angela9810 commented on Sabina99's Makeover

"ooOOoo I like it :)"
angela9810 commented on debby ryan

angela9810 commented on ...

"reminds me of a subtle mermaid xD nice! :)"
angela9810 commented on By caprice92

"really good :D is that you?"
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