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amym148 asked a question.

How to make your nails grow quicker?
Hi. I used to bite my nails when i was nervous but i stopped 2 years ago but they just wont grow. How can i make them grow. Look at the picture below.…
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Should i have my hair blonde or chocolate…
I am naturally blonde but i really want brown hair. Do you think i should stick to my original colour or die it to brown. The one with the blond hair…
amym148 asked a question.

What different hairstyles can i use for…
Hi Im sick of just having my hair down and i need some good ideas how to have my hair. That is me in the photo so you know the length. I need some ideas…
amym148 replied to how can you tell if you would look good…

"Upload a photo on taaz and use the makeover tool. You can colour your hair any colour"
amym148 replied to brown or blonde?im not quite sure

"Brown deffo. Your skin tone is to pale for blonde "
amym148 published a new makeover.

amym148 asked a question.

Will i suit chocolate brown hair?
Hi Im 13 years old and i have light brown/dark blond hair. Do you think i should die my hair chocolate brown? If not why? Thanks Please help me
amym148 replied to How do you make a messy ponytail?

"Its easy. you just put your hair in a really high ponytail and the backcomb all of your hair. Put a ton of hairspary on and ta daa. You have a…
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