BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, fair skin, golden blonde hair

Mini Bio:
WELL ma nme is AMELIA im 18 (i had yo resit a yr in skool)
jush follow,love nd cmment!
im sure chu lot knw evrytang bout meh cuz i hve been on taaz for mre dan a yr nd so chu lot shud knw dat im a outgoin, swaggy ga
i hate WHEN GALS giv so much attention to boy BANDS URGH gals CHUR SO MUCH MRE DNT WASTE YO TIME
chu can tell what kind of person i am (if chu dnt knw da answer is SWAG)
i hate watching sport buh lve playin it
fav food
hot dogs (da best)
fav drink
going out wiv my friends (does dat count)
fav style
ask meh anyting chu lyk advic and dat i can always help avaliable 24/7 init lol (jokes)
follow meh for random shyt and dat :D
also tnks to all ma followers nd dat for chur amazin support i appreciate it all.

The Corner

Lani_Baby has posted on ameliagotswag 's corner

"nice fake photo from google images -.-"
  1. @ageiscool

    What are you attacking everybody now?

  2. @Lani_Baby

    No I'm not. I'm sad that she has a fake photo because it shows me she's insecure. I'm sure she's beautiful and she doesn't need it. I'm not hating.

  3. @lipglossmagicgirl

    ur like a broken record!!! hahaha do u like my picture or is it fake enough for u!! Gud

  4. @zahra234

    Ur a tramp takin selfies in a bathroom ITS FOR YA BUSINESS NOT FOR YA TRAMPY SELFIE dumbass

  5. @zahra234

    Ur ugly :)

  6. @Lani_Baby

    Zahra234 I wouldn't be talking if I were you. You shouldn't be calling me ugly your too insecure to even put your own picture up. And besides I wasn't even trying to be mean if you even read my comment so stop being a baby and overreacting and thinking your so cool because everyone's on "your side". That doesn't make it alright to call me an ugly tramp.

  7. @Lani_Baby

    Oh and besides, I took that selfie on my porch. I guess you don't have enough brains to know the different.

  8. @xx_Anuka_xx

    We have fake photos because we don't want 50 year old pervs looking at us.

  9. @zahra234

    I was talkin about your other picture u r a tramp takin toilet selfies ME INSECURE lol i cudent giv a flyin fuk wat ppl think i dont put my pics up becuz i dont want a perv like u lookin at me

Yo_V1 has posted on ameliagotswag 's corner

"Hi, can you follow me back please? :) thank you <3"
ameliagotswag 's new status :

ameliagotswag 's new status :

  1. @malvi2

    WELCOME GIRL!!!!!!!!

ameliagotswag 's new status :

ameliagotswag commented on PINK BEST DRESS?

"fYI thats my sister in dat pic!"
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