gimme gimme gimme gimme what i want,i want sunshineeeee :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, light skin, ash brown very long (mid-back) curly hair

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I love fashion even though i am not a true follower all the time! :) I do love make up and doing it! HUGS FROM ITALYYYYY :)

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"thank you! :)"
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20th b-day! :)
this was my b-day look last saturday,some of you help me creating it :) and i promised i d put a pic :)
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"my hair was shorter because i made it with taaz make up :) i have really long hair,and i was thinking of cutting it some centimetres :) BTW i found…
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20th b-day party!!
hey girls!! :) soon is my b-day and i ve organised a huge party at my place! there s gonna be 50 guests and i ve decided to be sofisticated but casual…
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"love your picz sooo ''Gorgeous'' :)"
  1. @alice.notari

    thank you so much! :)

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