7 days until christmas! Can not wait!

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"yss em f9 u lukin v pretty"
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"Thanks you guys have great advice! I will be sure to show him some of your suggestions! @jchalk your advice is really good. (yes he is my bf)"
alexxa4321 asked a question.

How should he do his hair?
He keeps saying he wants a different look and an adult hair cut and I have no idea what to tell him, I am clueless when it comes to guys hair and think…
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"how are you??"
  1. @alexxa4321

    great how are you?

  2. @Choco_Holic

    i'm good!! liking your holidays??

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"Wow fantastic!"
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"7 days until christmas! Can not wait!"
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"Armani Code for men is the best smell I have ever smelled. It is sweeter than most but smells so attractive!"
alexxa4321 replied to How do you keep eyeliner from coming off…

"If your going to invest an any make up product use MAC at least for you eye linear. It is a little expense but it last forever, dose not smear,…
alexxa4321 replied to Has anyone tried this lotion by…

"Its okay. Nivea has a nice firming cream I feel works fine. Inner Grace smells so good compared to the other firming creams out the but thats…
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"I love the black and glitter, however the purple dress will make you stand out and is very va-va-voom, plus majority of people will be wearing…
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"@fabulous_karina I am not sure about the combo two but they should have them. I am really loyal to ulta though because they also have mail out…
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