i love fashion and style i live for it!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal dark to deep skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) very curly hair

The Corner

alexiastyle8 commented on Girl With A Bun

"nice i love buns that stand out love this "
alexiastyle8 commented on Sweet Vintage

"wow ur good!"
alexiastyle8 commented on What colour should i die my hair?

"i picked brown because ikt fits u more"
alexiastyle8 commented on which dress is better and why?

"i love the 7th one totally cute ima pre teen so of course i would like that! :D so yes if you are one too then go with 7 or 4 or 1 or the 11 th one but nice…
alexiastyle8 wants your vote.

help fashion emergency..should i wear a…
i need advice before monday :D help hahahahaha
alexiastyle8 commented on Which pair of riding boots is best?

"girl, choose those 1st ones those are totally cute and better love the buckel"
alexiastyle8 replied to What color should I dye my hair?

"a dark brown or any others but i vote a nice brown "
alexiastyle8 commented on chose the nicest picture

"i choose the first one but all of themm were good thought"
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