im back lol
BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, medium to tan skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
hey my name is luti im 14 i live in england but im albanian i love singing and i love fashion i am very tall peaple said i should be a model i love makeup cuz i always think of it like art which i love i am a good dancer i alway go to dance clubs i have long hair but naw i cut a full fringh i always cut my own hair cuz hairdressers always mess my hair up lol im a fun out going person i love going out shopping and i cant stay at home when its summer im always out lol i hope i meet some lovly peaple in taaz and make good friends lol hope you like my makeovers thankxxxxx

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"@monkey30661 lololol the bride is ganna hate me lol"
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"@lillylight thankxxx"
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hope you like it
albogyal wants your vote.

what dress is the best for a wedding
heyyy guys my cuzen is getting married and i dont now what dress to wear i always worn short dresses this time im going for a long dress and do you…
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"waw she looks like a angry lady lololololololol"
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"hey guys im sooooo sorry i aint been on taaz for a long time i had some family problems hope you forgive me"
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"♥Happy Easter!♥""
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"@alyaj not realy lol thankxx"
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haope you like this
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jessika alba
plz zoom hope you like it
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"waw she lookes stuning"
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"waw i love no1 very prettyyy"
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"i never new that i would go on taaz and find realy good friend i have made a lot in taaz and i hope they exept me as a friend THANKXXXX ALOT TO ALLLL MY TAAZ FRIENDSSSSSSS"
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