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aks2 published a new makeover.

Short, dark hair
My hair is darker now and I am thinking of going shorter. New job, new hair.
aks2 published a new makeover.

Shorter hair
Playing with a shorter hair style with layers
aks2 published a new makeover.

Long hair
Thinking about extensions... decisions decisions
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aks2 published a new makeover.

aks2 published a new makeover.

aks2 commented on Will I look ok as a blonde?

"That style is very pretty on you!"
aks2 commented on fausia90's Makeover

"Very pretty"
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aks2 commented on Which French Connection dress should I…

"I like the gold one. It would look great with your dark hair. "
aks2 asked a question.

Wondering whether this style I selected…
Looking for opinions on this style. Should I get these bangs?
aks2 replied to Would a chestnut hair suit me?

"I think your dark hair contrasts nicely with your eyes. I like it dark. Maybe try the makeover feature to see if the lighter hair looks good. "
aks2 's new status :

"Yay or nay?"
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Short, dark hair
Shorter hair
Long hair
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