time for some beauty treatments
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal fair skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) straight hair

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"Follow Me!! Look At My Makovers!! Vote, Love And Comment!! :)"
aishamamedova commented on Do i look good like this

"don't go for the 'after' hair colour, as it doesn't do nothing for your face. I suggest going either darker brown reddish…
aishamamedova commented on Does my friend look good or no ?

"natural option suites you all much better"
aishamamedova commented on Wich one looks better?

"she looks gorgeous with both hair colour choice however the brown suites her more"
aishamamedova commented on Which one looks best?

"number 2 hands down :)"
aishamamedova commented on Witch one is best?

"number 2 hair looks the best on this model"
aishamamedova 's new status :

"time for some beauty treatments"
aishamamedova commented on which hairstyle suits me better?

"third suites your face the most"
aishamamedova commented on Which lip colour would you wear with the…

"you probably have to have supermodel looks to pull of the attention that concentrates both on your eyes and lips, many beauticians say its…
aishamamedova commented on Green Tea for Good Health and Beautiful…

"thanks for sharing the power of green tea, Its one of my favourite beauty boosts ever"
aishamamedova commented on US Weekly's 2012 Hollywood Style…

"Kendra Wilkinson definitely looked as glam as ever"
aishamamedova replied to What to do with this boring hair?

"wow, first of all am dead jealous of how thick and long your hair is :), don't cut it off but maybe look for some hairstyle ideas or get a side…
aishamamedova replied to what hair color suits me?

"in my opinion you should go for black hair or dark red one of those will go well with your complexion "
aishamamedova replied to i would like a different colour in my…

"go for a chocolate brown,by judging from your picture it would look quite nice on you "
aishamamedova commented on which hairstyle do you like?

"couldnt choose between 3 and 5 look both amazing"
aishamamedova replied to I want a new look

"really would suite some hair extensions?"
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