That is my adorable guinea pig!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, dry light skin, copper medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
i love guinea pigs and tweety bird

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addierocks99 commented on which makeover do you like better?

"The last one is totes fab!"
addierocks99 published a new makeover.

addierocks99 published a new makeover.

Erinicorn and Addinacorn
The most majestical corns of them alll
addierocks99 's new status :

"That is my adorable guinea pig!"
kaseyashen has posted on addierocks99 's corner

"oh my goodness addie"
addierocks99 commented on Which would be better for a pagent?

"first two pagent, secend 2 practicle"
addierocks99 's new status :

"I heart guinea pigs and and tweety bird!!!!!!!"
addierocks99 replied to HELP!!

"Go tp primarygames.com i may not have spelled that right but she will love it!!! try snow line!! or girlsgogames!!!"
addierocks99 commented on which dress is better and why?

"7 b/c it is cute but practicle!!! great for a date!! :-)"
addierocks99 commented on strangest makeover?

"ummm look at the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
kaseyashen has posted on addierocks99 's corner

"hi add mush!!!!! do I know you from somewhere?! :P and nice name add mush :)"
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