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"I watch addicted2toofaced on youtube I love her shoe collection videos!!! Here is my email : alyssa72@gmx.com PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SHOE COLLECTION VIDEOS AND SUBSCRIBE ME TO YOUR CHANNEL!!! I LOVE addicted2toofaced!!! she is so cool!!!! send me all the videos you have...shoe collection videos...heels, wedges, flats, dress videos, dance wear, how to apply makeup, etc... My phone is not working so I can't subscribe to you on google... I want your channels!!! Please sign me up!! subscribe me!!"
rachaelbaughman has posted on addicted2toofaced 's corner

"You are like really pretty!!:)"
  1. @TenelleXoXo

    aye :)

  2. @ForeverMe11

    I AGREE! Girl you are HOT! Love you!!! Would die to be you!!!

  3. @ForeverMe11

    I AGREE! Girl you are HOT! Love you!!! Would die to be you!!!

addicted2toofaced replied to how do you get silky hair?

"keratin enriched conditioner!"
addicted2toofaced replied to How do you make a bulbouse nose look…

"use a bronzer to contour yourr nose but putting it on the sides and then putting a highlight on the bridge of your nose!!"
addicted2toofaced published a new makeover.

Naturally nude.<3
emphasizing on the eyes and settling with a nude lip!
Madeleine03 has posted on addicted2toofaced 's corner

"you are soooo pretty!"
  1. @addicted2toofaced

    thaaanks!!(: you too!<3

addicted2toofaced replied to How short is too short for shorts?

"i looove the look with the sticking out pockets.. i have like 5 pairs & i love all of them. there very feminine. i love wearing stockings…
addicted2toofaced replied to ''Bangs/Fringes make your…

"as long as your hair is clean, no!"
addicted2toofaced replied to what type of foundation is suitable for…

"MAKEUPFOREVER! they have the widest color range. more than mac.. & its the best foundatyion ive ever used.!!"
addicted2toofaced replied to What are some good types of gold glittery…

"mac currently doesnt have any gold glitter pigments.. i was there yesterday.. but ph cosmetics, nyx, and some brands from ulta carry GREAT…
addicted2toofaced replied to will sunscreen still work if i put my…

"yes! always apply sunscreen if you plan to be in the sun!"
addicted2toofaced published a new makeover.

everyday boho look<3
very sheek! good for ever day.. slightly winged liner
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