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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, light skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) very curly hair

Mini Bio:
My favorite beauty brand so far is Estee Lauder, My favorite Perfume is Ralph by Ralph Lauren, I guess my style is a bit boy inspired but not too tomboyish, I come out as a diva at times and less is more. I would describe my style as Rock/Boho/Business if that makes sense at all and I'm looking forward to going back to school and becoming a record producer in the pacific. I am a musician myself and am looking for a way to be better identified yet still earthy. Currently looking into becoming a blonde, and my parents would kill me if I ever had a bob cut.

The Corner

VeiLo replied to what should i do with my hair?!

"if youve got hair thats neither curly or straight or confused and both (like mine) maybe just do multiple highlights and a triple layer. I did…
VeiLo commented on Most Flattering Hair Color?

"Though, if your looking to be VERY different, oddly i would chose the black. There are so many colors our there today, you gotta pic a hair color…
VeiLo commented on Most Flattering Hair Color?

"Im not sure if we are still on the topic of hair, but i like the red on you. Its stand out yet natural."
VeiLo commented on the best wedding dress?

"Love the fourth"
VeiLo replied to Should I cut my hair short?

"I think A bob cut with long tossled waves at the top would be nice. Maybe a dirty blonde shade with marmalade streaks."
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