June glum be gone!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, dry medium to tan skin, dark short straight hair

Mini Bio:
Born in a village without electricity in India, and now working at the world's most fabulous beauty and fashion website - life doesn't get much better than this!

Loves - hangin' with my wife and kids, optimism, our fabulous team at TAAZ

Likes - Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Thomas Pink (love the cuff links), my no frills haircut (shout-out to Cindy!), bike riding, and USC football (Go Trojans!)

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"hey be welcome!"
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"Pls see my article on Taaz problems http://www.taaz.com/trends/offtopic/trolling-causes-suicide-/DLzS8x3oz8_0Ue2_s6w3BC4D1vxMwT5J.html"
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"Love the red, it looks great on you! Original does also, but if you're looking for a change, the red looks great!"
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"June glum be gone!"
VIP 's new status :

"June gloom be gone!"
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"Congrats on the PA, that's quite an accomplishment! Since it's a cosmetic surgery center, you have a bit more latitude - and you…
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"Love #2 also, looks very classy. If you want something a bit more fun than sophiscated, 8 is also great. Good luck!"
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"agree with @ForeverMe11 - what face shape do you have @shadow_pro? I love the Prada (#6), along with the aviators!"
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"St. Pat Charm, St. Pat Charm, St. Pat Charm - wish it and it will come!"
  1. @vamp1967

    What??!!!! Oh my gosh I want it! LOL! ♣

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"St. Pat's Charm, St. Pat's Charm, St. Pat's Charm - wish it and it will come!"
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"Loved Stacy Kiebler's dress at the Oscars!"
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