Awww (: good night everyone <3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, combination fair skin, reddish brown medium (shoulder) curly hair

Mini Bio:
Likes: - Speak her mind - My birdie :3 - Star signs - CATS - Lasagna - Watermelon - Facebook - Nyan cat :D - Gosupermodel - Drawing - Singing loudly (and badly) - Being original - Baking - Reading - Writing - Interpretive dance ;) - Whispering in the dark - Midnight walks - Crazy bestfriends - Scrubs, LOST and Charmed, pokemon ! <3 - Black and red hair <3 - Certain piercings - Colourful hair :D - Being myself (: - Smiles - Expressing my love (I LOVE YOU) (<3) - Make up Dislikes: - Judging - Nasty people :3 - Pie theifs :l - Not getting mails - Aggressive people - Bad breath (Go get a tooth brush) - Green crayons... - Cakes that fail to rise :l - The dark ): - Rebecca Black - Friday (IT NEVER GETS OUT OF MY HEAD) - Crazy fan girls/guys - People not listening :l - Pretty girls who say they are ugly :l - The 10 years old on my bus who continiously call me "emo" and "goth" - Being called emo.. Obviously - Streachers - Being jealous..

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"Awww (: good night everyone <3"
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"@Choco_Holic Oh wow I see what you mean!"
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"Should dye your hair this colour :D"
Unknownwishes commented on (:

"@msmmmore Yeah it suits her well (:"
Unknownwishes commented on So pretty (:

"@msmmmore (: mm"
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"@makeupforever_85 Haha I though so too P:"
Unknownwishes commented on Yellow eyes <3

"@msmmmore Thanks (:"
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"@makeupforever_85 Why thank you (:"
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"@ismakeover__Q9YgdmbBpAGHyU5 She is at school in this photo, not working as usual P: Very nice Mikaela c:"
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"@ismakeover__Q9YgdmbBpAGHyU5 Hahaha awwh if only but thank you (:"
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"Why arent you at school today???"
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"Awww, your budgie looks adorable!! :) I have budgies as well, I have 2, one's a boy one's a girl :)"
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