BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, normal medium to tan skin, ash blonde very long (mid-back) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
Hey, My names Tenelle and I live on the East Coast of Australia. Im 14 and curious about life, so i like to experiment with make-up, high heels, hair products, stuff like that, clothes.♥ I have 10 animals so im a animal lover and hopefully i'll will be a qualified vet in 3 years time:D I do work as a vet assistant for RSPCA ♥ in Wollongong. I surf pree much everyday, i dance. ALOT. 5 TIMES A WEEK. anyway, i love dubstep, aussie rap(depends on who it is though) like 360 or Kerser:D:D♥ I love fried icecream. LOL. My num is a proffesional model and i like to watch her do shoots, its inspiring and I have started to do a little. Lol. Love You Mummy♥ I believe in karma, fate and destiny....Anyway, want to know more? just message me♥ ♥ ♥ Love and Peace.

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"you should get a black wig to go with your sense of humour and use a paintroller, you'd still look the same..... :D"
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"I troll YOU muahahahahhhaah!!!! :)"
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"I love energising orange:D"
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"Your pretty as it is. Dont change a thing. ♥ "
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"*o* Omfg. I hate winter! :'C"
  1. @NOODLE13ME

    hehehehe its summer over here!!!

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