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what is a really cute acccesory and easy…
I am a blonde but can never find a right style. and if i do i mess it up with a stupid accesory. got any that go together for me? thanks a lot!
Swiftygirl5 replied to What hair color should I have?

"I think you look great in blonde. Hoostly. you have a beautiful face with blue eyes that suit the blonde hair and makes your eyes look very…
Swiftygirl5 replied to How short is too short for shorts?

"Well the pockets sticking out doesnt have anything to do with length,its just fashionable. I dont know why. Those shorts are not too short. I…
Swiftygirl5 replied to wath kind of hair is best for me?

"stick with that color, but some bangs and pull your hair back is a great rtouch but your hair is really cute how it is."
Swiftygirl5 replied to I have to go to a hen night in June, what…

"Buckle.com is awesome, and forever21"
Swiftygirl5 replied to Can you help me?

"I think youd look good in side bangs right above your eye. let me give you a picture. it is attatched. Hope you find that helpful!"
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"i so happy"
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