I just want to stay feminine and being a lady. I love shopping and going out dancing!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal light skin, strawberry blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I am a woman who is in the professional software development business. I love going to nice restaruants, shopping till I drop and going out dancing. I love to wear a little black dress and pumps when I go out on the evening and try to dress as feminine as I can at all times.

The Corner

Susan8622 commented on kathy16

"You are a very pretty lady! I love your original look the best!"
Susan8622 commented on colorada 6

"Dude -- get a life!"
Susan8622 commented on Guapita ;._

"Happy Fathers Day!"
Susan8622 commented on Dulce

"Dude - big time five O'clock shadow. LOL! Maybe try some foundation?"
Susan8622 asked a question.

Going to London in a few weeks and need…
Hi - I'm going to London for the first time in a couple of weeks for a week vacation with my hubby. Without packing too much, what is a good…
Susan8622 commented on Nina 14

"Post much dude? Man, you need to get a life! Have fun."
Susan8622 commented on Macys Makeover

"I love your new hair! Looks really cute on you!"
Susan8622 replied to How should I dress this up/what should I…

"Also, some nice black high heels. "
Susan8622 commented on Lilia

"Wow - ever hear of beard concealer? Never going to pass with that five o'clock shadow."
Susan8622 commented on Cristina

"OMG! Lol!"
Susan8622 commented on s3

"Same face on different bodies? Hmmm?"
Susan8622 commented on JCP Easter 2

"Cute dress! Looks good on you. I would love that dress too!"
Susan8622 commented on Kohl's Sale 9

"Love the dress! Was that at Kohl's?"
Susan8622 commented on mamita4

"Thanks - please don't take it personal, I am just trying to help. I think you look great."
Susan8622 commented on mamita4

"Bib I - I know your trying very hard, but unless you can do something to conceal your beard, you will always look like a man. Just saying."
Susan8622 asked a question.

Anyone have any good recommendations for shape wear product/makers?
Susan8622 replied to What is a good setting powder that does…

"I have used Dermablend. Works for me."
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