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SkyeAnn replied to why do my nails break

"If you visit your local pharmacy they might have some suppliment pills that are proven to help grow strong nails and healthy hair. Otherwise,…
SkyeAnn replied to How do you get the eyeshadow to go past…

"There is also differen options for what "style" you want the eyshadow to be. There are 4 (I think?) Boxes underneeth the colours…
SkyeAnn replied to Graduation and I have no idea? O.O

"If you added a photo of yourself, this would help us decide what akeup would look best. :) But - I'd reccommend not going "all…
SkyeAnn replied to What underrated makeup brands do you…

"I think E.L.F is a great company. I love their products AND ontop of great quality - they're cheaply priced too. Great quality, great…
SkyeAnn replied to What style of make up is good for me?

"I think you could pull off a deep purple smokey eye with a more nutral lip try a coral or pink. :)"
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