I'm the hero of this story.
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, fair skin, darkest brown middy hair

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I am more *chk-chk* than all of you!

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Sir_Slicer replied to How to create a fake leg using makeup?

"^ First world problems.^ You probably also complain that you have too much food to eat, so you get sleepy. You're rigoddamndiculous. Do…
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"I'm the hero of this story."
Sir_Slicer commented on Emma Stone Makeup and Hair

"@courtney2bambi I wasn't sold on her being blonde, but it really worked in Spider-man. I agree though, she looks more natural as a…
Sir_Slicer commented on Khloe Kardashian Makeup and Hair

"From the photo, I thought the article was going to say Step 1) Wake up. Step 2) Brush hair for 30 seconds."
Sir_Slicer replied to is this free

"You've been waiting for two days for this answer, so I want to help you out with a tip that you can use on any site. Here's a good test to…
Sir_Slicer commented on Magic Mike: 1 Minute Reason Why You…

"Women are all alike. You would never catch guys going to movies that have women objectifying themselves."
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"I cannot be a teacher. I would fail everyone who confuses "Your" and "You're." You're all on notice."
  1. @rachaelbaughman

    haha funny! and that would get annoying!

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Is it impossible to dye eyebrows?…
In Game of Thrones, why do the bleach blonde women still have their natural eyebrow colors? Is it harmful to dye that part, so the makeup artists…
Sir_Slicer replied to Height

"Gaining three to four inches is a bit of a stretch. That's a pretty tall order. I don't mean to be short with you, but that's above…
Sir_Slicer commented on Celebrate Fourth of July with TAAZ

"Is this still on? I've been chatting up a storm today, and nada. "
Sir_Slicer replied to If you saw someone walking on the street…

"She would definitely be requesting the highest of fives. Chck-chck!"
Sir_Slicer replied to Why am i so pretty?

"I agree that you're probably dumb. The only people that tell you you are pretty are the people that love you, because they have to.…
Sir_Slicer commented on which contact lenses you like to wear

"#2 is awesome, but I would feel stupid wearing those."
Sir_Slicer commented on I'm writing a book. Which color hair…

"Emma Stone redhead female lead character ftw."
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