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Sillydingo replied to hair colour

"i am with Depressed on this one! i love the dark hair... try putting some red or blue tone to it for a change"
Sillydingo replied to How to get extremely curly hair

"You could get a curling iron that makes thinner curls and do smaller parts of your hair at a time. It seems to work for me"
Sillydingo commented on Celebrate Fourth of July with TAAZ

"is there a way to track how many more things we have to do to get it"
Sillydingo commented on do i look good in strawberry blonde hair?

"i think you should take a better pic"
Sillydingo replied to Are these platform shoes too 70s retro??

"it depends on what you wear with them. maybe a killer black dress would be awesome! the heel looks a little thick but they are still way cute"
Sillydingo replied to Whats your take on this

"i love that color on your lips! it seems it would not be suited for every day wear but maybe more of a dress up ad go out thing"
Sillydingo asked a question.

Mac paint pot better than urban decay…
I had been using urban decay greed eyeshadow primer and at first loved it but later noticed that it made my eyes appear to be wrinkly near the lash…
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